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Trenchless Sewer Specialists in Conejo Valley

If you have a serious sewer line issue in Conejo Valley, you can rely on the expert assessment and 'no dig' repair solutions from the team at Plumber Patrol Plumbing.

We've invested in the latest trenchless repair technology and training to ensure you can replace your old pipes without the need to dig up your much loved garden or driveway. Read what some of our already happy customers have to say here and about our commitment to excellent customer service here.

1. EXPERT ASSESSMENT Our skilled technicians will inspect your sewer line to assess the cause and level of any damage using video camera inspections which will pinpoint the exact location of your problem and even enable you to see for yourself. Once the problem is expertly diagnosed, repairs can begin.

2. SAVE YOUR LANDSCAPING WITH THE TRENCHLESS REPAIR SOLUTION At Plumber Patrol Plumbing, we want the best solutions that are right for you, so we've invested in the latest trenchless sewer repair technology which will benefit you with a faster, durable solution to your drain and sewer issues whilst also saving you money by not having to pay for the replacement of any areas, such as driveways and gardens, that would traditionally have to be dug up to reach the sewer pipes below ground.

With our pipe bursting technology, a hydraulic pipe bursting head is inserted and bursts the damaged pipe whilst pulling through the new one to replace it, leaving you with a brand new pipe.

3. MONEY-SAVING Because we don't have to dig a trench, when you choose a trenchless repair solution, you're saved the expense and inconvenience of having to replace or fix any dug up areas, such as your landscaping, patio, driveway and garden.

4. ON-TIME CONVENIENCE When you choose the team at Plumber Patrol Plumbing for your trenchless repairs, you tell us the time and day that suits you and we'll be there on-time for your total convenience.

5. UP-FRONT PRICING You'll know the complete price of your trenchless repair before you give us the go ahead to begin, as we charge on a per-job basis.

6. PROFESSIONALS The team at Plumber Patrol Plumbing are highly trained and skilled plumbers able to expertly assess, diagnose and perform your trenchless repairs for your complete peace of mind.

7. LICENSED AND INSURED You can relax knowing that Plumber Patrol is completely licensed and insured for all your trenchless repair solutions and plumbing needs.

8. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE We offer satisfaction guaranteed service, so you can be sure you'll be provided with a level of service that you'll be delighted with.

For all your trenchless repairs and expert advice in Conejo Valley, call and speak with the friendly team of trenchless repair experts at Plumber Patrol Plumbing today.

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Why Choose Plumber Patrol?

We believe in providing our customers with the best customer service experience when they choose us for their quality plumbing needs in Conejo Valley.


All our pricing is calculated on an individual per job basis and always provided to you in advance so you can make an informed decision when you choose Plumber Patrol.


We're licensed and insured for all your home's plumbing services and solutions.


Our plumbers take the time to listen to your plumbing concerns and questions and and provide their expert advice and opinion. They'll show respect and professionalism whilst working in your home by keeping shoes covered and placing mats on work areas and will clean up any mess before they leave.


We hire the best plumbers available with a proven track record and dedication to customer care. They also continue to stay up to date with the latest technology and practices by participating in regular training to always provide you with the best.


Plumbing emergencies happen at any time so we're ready and available for your convenience. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our plumbing team are on standby and their vehicles are fully stocked to have the tools and parts to get your repairs commenced as soon as they arrive.


We'll provide you with the additional peace of mind that your plumbing services are being taken care of by the professionals by providing a written warranty on all our plumber's workmanship.